Welcome to Prayatna Nepal

We empower visually impaired girls and women by helping them acquire daily living, employable and self-defense skills. In doing so we focus on their Self-sufficiency, Sustainability and Strength.

Our Latest Updates

Training On Sexuality

We Prayatna Nepal conducted five days Sexuality training for women with disabilities at Lalitpur. In period we had various sessions like  sexuality, technology, disability, LGBTIQ,

Our Core Values

1. Self sufficiency

For being self sufficient we need to give our participants training in daily living skills, which empowers the visually impaired women to live their lives independently. It is a combination of technical and interpersonal skills.

2. Sustainability

In this area we focus mainly on skills that would help the participant to find a job, be effective and accepted in this job and also in society.

3. Strength

To empower our visually impaired women we need to give them confidence and train them in self defense techniques.

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Women and girls with visual impairment go through multi-layered discrimination. They face the challenge of being blind and also being a woman. Prayatna Nepal continues to empower these angels for making them ready for their days ahead. We need your support for continuing this.

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