Fight Back training for Girls with VIsual Impairment

Self defense training

Many Visually impaired women are often victim of sexual harassment in their daily life. In the street, in the public transport, at their work, and in a lot of other public places, they are suffering from sexual harassment without having the ability to struggle against it.

Prayatna Nepal has conducted  self-defense named fight back  training for 8  visually impaired women from February 22-March 4  to fight against this suffering issue.

That Fight Back  training offers different techniques:

  • Boosting one’s confidence through voice and words
  • Mastering basic defense and offence techniques such as strike, using daily objects as defense tools (umbrellas, canes, mobile phones etc), and getting to know their body and vulnerabilities
  • Dealing with sexual harassment, being able to say “no”, finding help, communication methods