Sarita Lamichhane, president of prayatna, talking at a program

The Work We Do – Our Core Values

We want to create change by empowering visually impaired women in three areas:

1. Self sufficiency

For being self sufficient we need to give our participants training in daily living skills, which empowers the visually impaired women to live their lives independently. It is a combination of technical and interpersonal skills. It includes:

  • Healthy living, cooking, hygiene, shopping and dressing
  • Mobility and orientation
  • Communication and etiquette

2. Sustainability

In this area we focus mainly on skills that would help the participant to find a job, be effective and accepted in this job and also in society.
To be employable it is not enough to master a set of professional skills. In order to succeed in one’s job we need to focus on a skill set that goes beyond handling professional requirements. Such skills are:

  • How to write one’s curriculum vitae (CV)
  • How to survive a job interview
  • How to share and prepare a meeting
  • How to give and receive feedback

When visually impaired women are able to perform those types of skills effectively, then they will be accepted as an important part of the society. All this will lead to sustainability.

3. Strength

To empower our visually impaired women we need to give them confidence and train them in self defense techniques. We will focus on: