Visually impaired people learning to walk independently using white cane

Orientation and mobility training

Orientation and mobility is a terminology which is specific to the visually impaired.

It is the means of safe, efficient, effective travelling. It taught to people of all ages, to those who are fully blind or have partial vision, to those who come from rural areas or those who need to travel in city environments.

The term Mobility refers to moving safely, efficiently and effectively from one place to another place. This include, being able to walk without tripping, falling, and being able to cross the streets, climb a mountain and use public transportation.

Orientation and mobility include the following focus points:

  1. Sensory development
  2. Indoors and out door movement

Prayatna Nepal in collaboration with Access planet has provides orientation and mobility  training for 7 visually impaired students in Adarsha secondary School Thimi Bhaktapur From November 22-25